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May you be joyful
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be Revived"











“As a healer and body worker, I appreciate the high standard and outstanding spa experience of Jody's work and the integrity of her conduct. Her intuitive, relaxing and energizing treatment created an oasis of peace and renewal of the body and soul that I would recommend to everyone. She is a real gem!” 

W. Pfleger


“Jody is blessed with healing hands, like an angel of mercy, using soothing energy and a nurturing desire to improve her clients health through the passion of her work.  Her professional treatment surpassed any massage I have ever had.”  

T. Eastman


“Jody's ability to communicate and understand the individual needs at each visit is extraordinary. Her  professionalism combined with your wealth of knowledge gave me the ultimate healing and relaxing experience above all others. I trust and rely on Jody's continuous blend of therapies to guide me in my journey to well-being.”

D. Woodward


“ As a Polarity Practitioner, I am impressed with Jody's ability to tune into the needs of each individual and blend the revitalizing touch and the balancing of the energy of the body, creating alignment and strength. This is a true investment into your health.”

L. Henderson, RPP


I have traveled all over the world and have experienced treatments at some of the top spas. Jody's spa experience has been the best massage by far of any I have ever had.

D. Brock


Jody uses a variety of massage techniques in her treatments that targets the areas that need healing. She has a special gift of giving you the most amazing healing experience you could ever hope for. She will spoil you and you will never want to go anywhere else but to her.

T. Murphy


There is something unique about the nurturing touch and energy that Jody gives in her treatments. It's not just a massage but a journey to your own self awareness that she awakes in your soul. I have never experienced anything close to what I experienced from her treatments. She is the best.

J Keni


What makes Jody's treatments so special for me is that she truly enjoys her profession. She is skilled and masterful in her art. Whether I am in need of muscle work or just relaxation I know I am going to get the best from Jody every time.

- M. Lord


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You are about to embark on the gift of healing. The goal of Revive Spa Therapy is to harmonize your spiritual and physical self.

Available therapies range from massage, hydrotherapy, facials, body treatments, energy balancing yoga, nutrition and Revive Therapy.

Use the fitness room, relax in the redwood sauna, or enjoy a sparkling juice drink or herbal tea by the fire in the lounge or outdoors on the porch or by the pool in season. Wander through the landscaped gardens or take a short walk to explore the classic New England village of Jackson.

SaunaSpa facilities available to our inn guests and the public offer an extensive menu of services for the ultimate in relaxation with a sauna, exercise room and massage rooms. Take a moment to review the extensive menu of spa services and treatments available. To enhance your spa experience.


All of the therapeutic treatments listed below are available as 60 or 90-minute treatments unless otherwise specified. These massage therapies may be combined to accommodate individual needs. Our Spa Package Series offers five new packages combining spa therapies for the optimum benefit.

Swedish Massage

A soothing and relaxing traditional massage of long smooth strokes for the many benefits of increased circulation using pressure specific to your needs and preferences

Sports Massage -

A massage for active muscles that focuses on specific muscle groups to relieve tension and stress and to enhance muscular performance and relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A therapy of movements and brushing strokes to the skin to stimulate the lymphatic flow, which boosts the immune system against disease

Circulatory Massage

To maintain and/or restore full blood circulation, this series of massage movements manipulates the circulatory system. Great for blood pressure issues!

Polarity Treatment

Based on the electromagnetic energy system, this treatment stimulates and assists the natural patterns of energy flow in the body

Reiki Treatment

Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that accelerated the body's natural ability to heal through the alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Revive Massage & Facial

A full body massage with a revitalizing and nurturing skin care regime of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, hydrating steam, moisturizing and healing mask that will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and healthy. The advanced concept of the lifting and firming facial massage, similar to the Belavi Face Lift massage and Japanese facial, treatment tones the facial muscles creating an anti-aging effect.

Custom European Facial

Highly focused skin care begins with skin care analysis, followed by deep cleansing, hydrating steam, toning, gentle exfoliation, relaxing declotté (hands, arms, shoulders, scalp, and face) massage. Finished with an additional highly specialized mask: giving an intense healing treatment. Suggested masks: seaweed, collagen, AHA & green tea, aloe vera, gingko biloba, hyaluronic acid.

Body Wrap or Exfoliating Scrubs

Detoxifying muds, soothing seaweeds, or rejuvenating clays specially enhanced with healing essential oils designed for your health. Choose from the following suggested scrubs: Lavendar, Eucalyptus, Mint, Sweet Orange, Maple Sugar, or Sea Salt. Followed by a short massage focused on a specific area, such as back-neck, shoulders, or feet.

Thai Yoga Therapy

A healing therapy where the therapist uses a meditative approach to guide your body through a sequence of yoga based stretches using rhythmic pressure along the Marma Energy points (vital energy points) to relax and detoxify the body. This ancient healing art derived from Thailand will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and revitalized. Treatment is performed fully clothed and on comfortable mats.

Hydrotherapy and Massage

Experience deep relaxation taking healing waters for comfort and release of toxins. This aromatic treatment of circulating warm and cooling waters enhanced with mineral rich salts and essential oils prepares you for a relaxing massage on the massage table. This relieves stress, insomnia, and detoxifies the body, mind, and spirit, creating great health benefits. (You may wear a swimsuit if you feel more comfortable or our disposable undergarments.)


Spa Packages


Custom European Facial


Spa facilities available to our inn guests and the public offer an extensive menu of services for the ultimate in relaxation with a sauna, exercise room and massage rooms. Take a moment to review the extensive menu of spa services and treatments available. To enhance your spa experience.


Each specialized package is a celebration of renewal including a delicious Spa Lunch and use of other spa amenities and inn facilities which include:

use of Fitness Room
soothing heat of a redwood Sauna
meditative repose of the Spa Gallery
enjoy a sparkling juice drink or cup of herbal tea by the crackling fire in the lounge
   or outdoors on the verandah or by the pool in season
quiet walk around manicured lawns and landscaped gardens
relax in a wicker chair on the wrap around porch while enjoying mountain views
browse the spa boutique sampling our products
explore the classic New England Village of Jackson minutes away by foot.

ENERGETIC HEALING ARTS ... allow 2.5 hours + lunch

Healing Through Hot StonesExperience true serenity and peace through a customized energetic healing arts session! This work combines the gift of hands-on ancient energy work with the best of modern day spa therapies.

You'll find yourself letting go of stress as you are nurtured, become balanced, and are transformed. You'll feel your mind, body, heart, and soul being nourished to the core. You'll learn ways to maintain wellness as you develop an awareness of your body's own natural healing rhythms and energy centers.

This Energetic Healing Arts Package also includes a powerful, energy aligning hot stone and seaweed full body massage. Feel the tension melting away as the essential oils and hot stones penetrate and soothe you to further enhance your state of relaxation and bliss.

This new spa package is a must for your own personal retreat experience. Let true rest, healing and wellness begin.

REVIVE RESTORATION ... allow 2.5 hours + lunch

HydrotherapyThis package revives your senses with the ultimate in detoxification and rejuvenation therapies. Find yourself "taking" the waters, highly minerized and herbal infused, in the most exhilarating hot/cold hydrotherapy session imaginable.

Celebrate your inner glow by receiving

an aromatic body polish
a specialized Revive anti-aging facial
   focusing on the head, face, neck, and shoulders
combined with an aromatherapy full body massage
detoxifying, healthy body wrap

Let the awakening begin as your entire being becomes restored. This package expands upon the Revive therapies listed in our Menu of Services.

MOUNT WASHINGTON TRANQUILITY ... allow 2 hours + lunch

Tranquility & Full Body MassageThis package lives up to its majestic namesake with all of the elements needed to bring your whole being into a perfect state of tranquility. Enjoy the effects of living in today's busy world slip away.

The Tranquility Package includes:

gentle exfoliation
a special warm body wrap
full body massage

Essential oils and nature based products such as healing mud, clays, and seaweed will be used in these treatments. Experience tranquility and all that the Inn at Thorn Hill has to offer.

ANCIENT THAI YOGA ... allow 2 hours + lunch

Step back in time with this relaxing healing arts treatment derived from Thailand over 3,000 years ago, similar to Thai Yoga. Allow yourself to completely let go as you surrender into the therapists' hands as she uses a meditative approach to stretch your entire body from crown to toes. Recharge your body's immune system as the therapist kneads the vital energy points of the body to exchange positive energy flow, which will in turn detoxify and cleanse the entire body's system; Paired with Revive Therapy or your choice of our many healing massage treatments. The Revive Therapy includes a full body therapeutic massage, healing skin care of the face and back, and energetic balancing of the body. Your senses will be awakened as you receive an energetic head and neck massage, facial, body massage, while the skin care penetrates thoroughly with hot stones and steamed towels infused with lavender, peppermint, and sweet orange essential oils. Breath work and meditation is essential throughout the treatment - Revive.

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