So still.
Only the sound of your breath
Nowhere except here,
The moment is yours... Inhale

Touch and release all.
Muscles melt
The mind follows.
Your mind and body are one... Revive

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Revive Restoration
2 1/2 Hours

Receive the ultimate healing package, detoxifying and rejuvenating your entire body.  This amazing relaxing treatment starts with hydrotherapy, full body therapeutic massage.  Revive facial, salt glow, and body wrap, combined with natural aromatherapy treatments.  Let the awakening begin.

Revive Facial & Massage

A full body massage and European facial.  Receive a custom facial, including exfoliation, steaming, hot towels and healing masks, and a special anti-aging lifting and firming facial massage and serum treatment.  Enjoy a full body massage and back facial including hot aroma-stone penetrating the healing mask on the back and face... Revive.

Holistic Therapies

Life is experience through our senses

Our minds and body receive information about the external world. Stimulating the five senses,
with holistic spa therapies, give balance and healing in our lives.


Nature, products, atmosphere, art, and light are colored which is stimulating to the eye. Color therapy is when light stimulates the body’s endocrine system, and energy centers having a powerful effect on how we feel. Colors electromagnetic field and vibration frequency, has a relationship between light and energy. Light is absorbed through our eyes and skin. We need a certain amount of ultra-violent rays to activate a form of cholesterol, converting to vitamin D. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium and other processes. Gaze at vibrant color and heal within.



The sound of the voice, music, and nature helps restore balance to the body. Auditory rhythms release tension and improve health. In our brains alpha state, clarity and balance are achieved when using a repetitive synthesized rhythm. In the theta state, a deep meditative state evolves and healing excels. The rhythmic meditative music used during the revive spa therapy treatments, help clear the mind, improve restful sleep, reduces stress, and gives a heightened zone of problem solving acuity. De-stress with the therapeutic resonance of the “Ohm” frequency. Breathe in deep and then vocally release in “ohm” sound until all breath is released, repeat. This toning of your voice vibrates the whole body, especially the pituitary gland, strengthening the regulation of our bodily systems.

The sound of laughter ripples outward from your heart into the world, at large can have a kind of “butterfly” effect. The sound of one person’s joy touching a stranger enables them to respond in kindness. Be sure to laugh everyday.



Water purifies life and gives life. Hydrotherapy is the external and internal use of water for optimal health. An acronym S P A stands for, solus par aqua, a latin phrase meaning health through water. “Taking the waters”, from basic soaks from hydro jet tubes, detoxifies and heals chronic elements. Curative qualities of nutritious substance, like mineral salts, essential oils, and algae are added to the water.  “Hot/cold therapy”, the fluctuating of the water temperature stimulates the bodies immunity and helps circulation. Drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated before, during, and after your treatments. I recommend adding orange and lemon slices in the morning, adding mint and ginger during the midday, and honeydew in the evening.



Essential oils stimulate the olfactory receptors creating healthy responses in the body. These highly concentrated organic oils, present in various plants, contain turpenes and esters, and the odor of the flower from the plant extractions. Distillation, uses water or steam to remove oils from dried or fresh plants, barks, or roots. These oils are also absorbed through the skin. The aromatics of the oil, bring all the healing benefits to the revive treatments. Tranquil oils are: tangerine, orange, and sandalwood. Balancing oils are: lavender, frankincense, and eucalyptus. Peaceful oils are: ylang-ylang, geranium, and clarysage.


The power of touch is extremely important in the healing process.  Massage and bodywork uses long stroking movements, gentle rocking, stretching, deep muscle work, cranial balancing, acupressure point triggers, all given with a gentle conscious touch. A variety of massage therapies have evolved over many centuries in many cultures for stress, muscle and tissue relaxation, as well as manipulation of the skin and joints.  Deep tissue massage realigns the body improving the range of motion, releasing deep knots(built up fascia tissue) relieving chronic tension and improving posture.  Swedish massage techniques uses a firm yet gentle pressure a better choice for your first massage. Polarity massage involves gentle rocking, holding, massage of the body, and balancing the bodies subtle electromagnetic energy.  Lomi lomi massage uses a lot of warm oil and long flowing strokes.  Stone therapy uses volcanic stones that are heated and used as tools in massage techniques.  These aromatic oiled stones are placed on chakra points balancing the energetic systems.   Shiatsu works energy meridians using pressure from the fingers, palms ,elbows, and feet. 

Bodywork techniques include body wraps and exfoliation and facial work.  Body wraps are treatments where potent nutritious muds, clay, and or seaweed are applied to the body and then covered or wrapped.  Body wraps promote heat which in turn assists the body in detoxification through perspiration.  This increased circulation allows the body to absorb these nutrients.

Exfoliation uses nutritious products such as salts and body polishes that stimulates the skins overall function and increases circulation improves skin texture allows deeper delivery of nutritious products.  The unclogged follicles and pores allow skin to breathe better and perk up skin color and clarity. 

The revive therapy facial is skin care and massage combined. The skin is the body's largest organ and needs daily essential antioxidants and nutrients to give you a radiant healthy glow. The skin is cleansed exfoliated, steamed, massaged with a special “revive lift facial massage technique” healing  facial mask applied and finished with vitamin rich anti-aging serums.  A flawless skin tone is achieved with a natural healthy appearance.

The revive therapy treatments blend in many of these therapies personalizing your ultimate healing experience.





Revive spa therapy

Revive spa therapy concept is based on the holistic principles of natural healing, considering the wellness needs of each individual. Understanding you must take responsibility for your own health, where deep within us resides infinite loving power that leads us to a purposeful healthy life. Proper diet, fresh air, pure water, sunlight, exercise, rest, and holistic therapies maintain the body’s homeostasis. During the revive spa therapies breath work, meditation, and the combination of spa treatments such as skin care, facial, reflexology, cranial sacral techniques, massage, polarity, body wraps, salt glows, and hydrotherapy, create the ultimate reviving experience. Cultivating a rare meditative awareness in each moment, when time seems to stand still, develops a profound inner calm and peace within. 


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