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Close your eyes and imagine a life of peace and happiness.  Every day is a new day to discover the best in yourself and others.  Envision you are healthy and strong, in a safe, sacred place, surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Breathe in deeply, see your authentic self, exhale, release all your tension. 

How do we create a lifestyle where there is harmony?  You choose to.  You choose even when crisis "brings your life out of balance", and knowing "bring oneself back to balance" restores well being and stronger character.

Revive Spa Therapy is receiving holistic therapy such as, massage, hydrotherapy, skin care , body treatment, and energy work, creates healthy results. Investing in improving your health requires a healthy diet, exercise program, daily meditation, breath work, and spiritual awareness. Let¹s look at these choices closer.

Holistic spa treatments have been around for thousands of years and in many cultures. Massages wide range of techniques such as Swedish (a lighter touch) to Neuromuscular (deep tissue work) treat chronic disease, injuries, alleviates tension, relaxes the body and mind, and is used in pain management and health preventative strategies..

Energetic balancing therapy such as Reiki and Polarity release blockages, allowing our ³vital energy² to flow freely through the pathways of our body, strengthening all our body systems.

Hydrotherapy (taking the waters) is key to your health. Soaking regularly in mineralized pure hot water infused with herb and flower essences (aromatherapy) detox the body. Pulsating jets increase circulation, soothing achy muscles, then cool water is introduced refreshing and calming your system.

Salt glows and body polishes awaken the skin circulation by whisking away dry, dull skin, revealing a smooth texture. This procedure helps the absorption of the other healing products.

Body wraps use a variety of natural mud, clay, and seaweed, refining and firming skin, enhancing cell renewal, hydration, and eliminating toxins.

Hot Stone Therapy uses smooth, oiled, hot stones rubbed on your body, digging deep on the knotted areas. Sometimes the stones are laid on energetic points of the body releasing blockages and melting tension away.

A facial treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, anti-aging masks, with applications of nutritious skin care, such as collagen (rebuilding), hyloronic acid (moisturizing), polypeptide (rejuvenation), vitamin A, C, and E serum (anti-oxidants), and glycolic acid (exfoliation). ³The Revive Therapy Treatment² is an experience blending a full body massage and skin care. The unique lifting of the facial massage releases tension in the face, head, and neck, reflexing healing points throughout the whole body.
(Ex: - Along with many healing points the forehead area reflexes healing of the pancreas).

Reflexology is when the feet and hands are massaged and certain points are pressed triggering an internal responses (Ex: sinus issues? Work the toes).

Massage and body work improves breathing and posture. Breathing is the bodyworkers companion in healing. Here is a breathing technique to practice five minutes daily:
1. Lie down in a position that opens the rib cage.
2. While meditating (letting your thoughts go, picturing a serene place) inhale a deep full breath, wait a couple seconds.
3. Exhale slowly, releasing all tensions. Focus on your breath, being thankful.
Study your breath during a massage and duplicate your relaxed, steady breathing.

Eat healthy, organic, dense, nutritious food. In your diet choose a variety of fruit, vegetables, whole grain, lean meat, low-fat dairy, nuts and beans, which all help provide the vitamins and minerals essential for optimal health. Drink lots of pure water, flushing out waste and hydrating our bodies.

Exercise at least three to five times a week, keeping your body fit and your circulatory system strong. Yoga realigns your body through breath work, stretching, working postures, and it also masters inward attention, helping you transform and heal your emotions.

Sleep rejuvenates all of our bodily systems and gives the immune system a boost. Be sure to get lots of rest.

A great attitude heals not only ourselves, but others. A positive attitude just doesn¹t happen, rather, it involves a choice you make. The following are ideas to help create a great mental attitude:

1. Decide in advance to have a positive attitude. Whatever the situation decide ahead to deal with it in a compassionate, empathetic way. You¹ll be much happier with the out come.

2. Be a problem solver not a problem creator. Think of ways to get things done. You¹ve heard the expression, "When the going gets tough - the tough get going". You have been given a purpose, and unique gifts so use them discovering the true you.

3. Picture your successful goals. What you think about often becomes true.  Replace negative patterns with positive ones.

4. Laughter, joy, and enthusiasm are critical to having a healthy attitude.
Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people. Be inspiring (being in the spirit). Be grateful for all things, and make the most of what you have.  What are you most thankful for?

The courageous act of performing these rituals day after day helps you to find peace and harmony in daily living. Have intension to create self- healing, self- knowledge and self- reflection.

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