The breathe is life.

When you breath, the body remembers to breath even as you sleep

As well does the spirit keep you alive through the dream of your will

- Jody

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Jody Buzzell is a holistic spa therapist, living in the beautiful Mt. Washington valley, with her husband and her four children. Jody’s combined experience in therapeutic massage, energetic medicine, holistic medical studies, nutrition, aesthetics, and exercise programs create the revive spa therapy retreat. Jody believes it is receiving what you need at the moment while, being held in your highest intention, strengthens the healing process. She is currently a spa director, and is passionate about giving therapy and designing retreat programs for individuals, groups, and corporations. Jody’s vision is to contribute to your quality of life, by providing a sanctuary and escape, a place of healing, not only for relaxation, but for those struggling with challenging circumstances. Throughout her life she has seen many crisis’s personally, and with others dealing with illness and loss, with a need of recovery and loving support. She has seen great strides in the healing process when holistic therapies are given and loving support is found. Jody’s revive spa therapy and healing retreats vision is, to help heal and create healthier life styles and infuse sacred meaning in everyday.


Here is an affirmation I would like to share:

“I ask today, the beautiful being of light that you are, is fully strengthened, aligned, and healed. I ask the divine highest healer to give you peace, joy, guidance, and protection. I ask that you continue on your authentic journey discovering wisdom and truth, acting on it, and believing, as you manifest the glory of god that is within us.”

Blessings to you,


For Appointments Call Jody Buzzell • 603-662-8301• • Serving The Mount Washington Valley